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“I cannot believe it is a year ago since we last did our staff survey – and what a year it has been!
I do hope you are keeping well.
Would it be possible to run the same staff survey as last year from 19th April please?”

May 2021

We have worked in partnership with schools to develop a range of online surveys for pupils, staff and parents. They can help schools to gather baseline data before planning any intervention e.g. preparing Healthy School Silver action plans.

The surveys have been designed to work through a browser on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Most answers to questions are on a scale of 1-5 so you can analyse the data based upon the scores and decide what the school might implement to make things better. You can also compare responses between different groups (e.g. staff and pupils) and see if priorities match or differ between each.

Results from surveys are provided in an Excel spreadsheet with separate tabs for each question (including overall figures and charts). At a later stage you can run an identical consultation to measure impact of any interventions, by looking for an improvement in the scale rated responses.

The surveys are free to all schools in boroughs where we are commissioned to provide support. All surveys can be customised to match the needs of an individual school.

We can also set up the service for all other schools for a basic fee.

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