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Physical Literacy and Activity
Physical Literacy and Activity

Physical Literacy and Activity

We support organisations, schools, and local authorities to take a whole setting approach to physical activity. This includes embedding physical activity into our everyday lives and promoting the message that everyone can benefit from being more physically active, in a way that suits them.

Physical activity is a key component of individual and population health. Being physically active has so many proven benefits on both physical and mental health, that it is vital children are given the most active start they can have. Currently, it is reported that more than half of children are not achieving the recommended amount of daily physical activity (Sport England, Active Lives Survey).

Alongside the health benefits of being active, it also improves children’s sensory and motor skill development and so is beneficial across the whole curriculum.

Our services include:

Workforce training: staff from schools, early years settings and community organisations can benefit from a wide range of training around physical activity and physical literacy. Topics include: purposeful physical play; motor skill development; physical literacy; active play; promoting an active curriculum and more. Training can currently be delivered at a time to suit settings, and either online or in person. All our training, even when online, includes interactive sections where we work with participants to come up with new physical activity ideas and concepts!

Advice service: outside of training, we can also provide one-to-one support through our advice service. This might be through helping to create or review your physical activity policy. We can also provide support around your physical activity provision, advise on making the most of your spaces to be active, and signposting for your service users.

Physical Activity Outreach: Workshops, lessons and assemblies can be offered to organisations and educational settings, to help promote messages around physical activity. These can be offered in person, online or through pre-recorded videos.

All of these services can be offered to schools and organisation settings who work with children at early years, primary, or secondary age.

Physical Literacy and Activity

Please contact our respective team member for further advice and guidance of the support Health Education Partnership can provide regarding physical literacy and activity.

Please contact David Millard
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