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Healthy Eating and Nutrition
Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

We focus on helping you to provide an enabling healthy food environment for the children and young people you work with, whether this is within a school, early years, community or voluntary setting.

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Obesity is a complex public health challenge driven by social, economic, biological and environmental factors that shape our lives and individual behaviours. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is fundamental to good health and wellbeing.  However, the food environment is a major factor making it challenging for many people to eat healthily and this is contributing to increased numbers of our population becoming overweight and obese.  We know that overweight children and young people are more likely to become overweight adults and early intervention is crucial.

Support Packages available

At HEP, we take a holistic, whole system approach to preventing and addressing obesity.

This includes a broad range of workforce training packages covering subjects such as food provision and policy, healthy eating guidance, oral health, talking about healthy weight, support with setting up cookery clubs and meeting statutory nutritional standards such as the school food standards. Our training is tailored to meet your needs, for example healthy schools or early years awards, school curriculum requirements or EYFS needs and can be run online or in person, ranging from short 45 minute workshops to full training days.

We can offer direct delivery via an outreach service in schools, early years settings, community or voluntary groups such as lessons, bitesize videos, assemblies, parent workshops, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hour sessions.

We can also provide a nutrition advice service to provide support tailored to your setting.  This includes topics such as promoting and integrating public health nutrition messages in your setting, helping you develop or improve menus and food provision, and support in developing your own food policy or statement.

Healthy Eating

Please contact our respective team member for further advice and guidance of the support Health Education Partnership can provide regarding healthy eating and nutrition.

Please contact Michelle Dewar
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