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Brook - Free Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) workshops

Brook has been commissioned by Barnet Council to deliver free Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) workshops to young people in community settings, and free professionals training.

They deliver sessions in schools through:

  • Assemblies
  • Education Workshops
  • Staff Training

Their services for young people include:

  • My Life Early Intervention Programme
  • Free Condom Distribution Scheme

To find out more about their various services, please visit the website or email

Brook's My Life 1-1 Programmes

Brook’s My Life  1-1 programmes are an early help intervention which aim to awaken and enhance young people’s motivation, knowledge  and skill to effectively assess and manage risk, build resilience and improve their own health and wellbeing.

Each programme follows a structure which enables the Brook specialist and the young person to work in partnership to create a bespoke programme which meets the needs of the young person. The sessions combine education on relevant relationships, sexual health and health and wellbeing topics and motivational and coaching activities all of which are selected from a toolkit of quality assured resources.  The My Life programme is a six week programme. The young person must agree to the referral and do not have to take part in the programme if they decide it is not for them.

To make a referral please follow this link

Start Talking Guide

Sex Education Forum together with The Fostering Network have launched their new digital resource to help foster carers navigate relationships and sex education conversations.  
The guide conveys a ‘can do’ message from young people with care experience, and is steeped in practical tips and advice from foster carers.  
This new resource is free to download and will be relevant to foster carers, parents, social workers, virtual school heads, school nurses and educators.

‘Keeping safe' FGM Guidance & Lesson Plan

Teaching about FGM is an important part of a school’s approach to safeguarding and child protection. To support schools that are teaching specifically about FGM at primary phase (beyond the protective factors developed through other contexts), the PSHE Association has developed new guidance and a lesson plan for upper key stage 2 (Year 5-6).

Guidance: The guidance is for teachers and PSHE leads teaching about FGM during the primary phase. It contextualises the issue and the relevant statutory requirements to help you consider how to include FGM within your curriculum at an age-appropriate level. Ensure you read the guidance before teaching the lesson.

Lesson Plan (PDF and PowerPoint versions available): For use with Year 5 or 6 pupils, the lesson plan and accompanying resources will help teachers to:

  • explain what FGM is
  • highlight to pupils the importance of reporting concerns around FGM (for themselves and others) and how to do this
  • explore the issue in a sensitive and age-appropriate way — helping pupils to: identify myths and facts; engage in group and paired discussion; and recognise how FGM relates to the UN convention on the rights of the Child

Download Guidance & Lesson Plan

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