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Early Years Education Recovery Programme

The government is providing a package of up to £180 million of workforce training, qualifications and support and guidance for the early years sector to help address the impact of the pandemic on the youngest and most disadvantaged children.

The programmes are designed for early years:

  • practitioners
  • leaders
  • settings, including private, voluntary, independent organisations, childminders, school based nurseries and maintained nursery schools

Designed to support all areas of the early years sector, the package offers training in:

Additional funding for qualifications:

Support and guidance to all early years settings through:

For further details -  click here.

Healthy Coping Strategies For Young People

The next Schools in Mind seminar will be exploring the importance of healthy coping strategies for dealing with difficult emotions.

Join them on 26th January, when they’ll share practical examples of coping strategies and emotional regulation tools that young people can use, and share resources to help education staff introduce these strategies to their students.

Book your free place now - Click Here

Brook's My Life 1-1 Programmes

Brook’s My Life  1-1 programmes are an early help intervention which aim to awaken and enhance young people’s motivation, knowledge  and skill to effectively assess and manage risk, build resilience and improve their own health and wellbeing.

Each programme follows a structure which enables the Brook specialist and the young person to work in partnership to create a bespoke programme which meets the needs of the young person. The sessions combine education on relevant relationships, sexual health and health and wellbeing topics and motivational and coaching activities all of which are selected from a toolkit of quality assured resources.  The My Life programme is a six week programme. The young person must agree to the referral and do not have to take part in the programme if they decide it is not for them.

To make a referral please follow this link

Young Barnet Foundation

Schools in Barnet can now become a Young Barnet Foundation School Partner: 
As we know a child's life is influenced by their home, school and community environments. By working together, Youth Barnet Foundation believe that we can create safer, stronger, more connected communities so all our children and young people thrive - and they want your school to be part of that.

Youth Barnet Foundation are delighted that schools can now join their thriving network of local organisations bringing about positive social change and greater representation for the children and young people of Barnet. There is no charge to join Young Barnet Foundation.

Sign up here to become able to benefit from funded and potential partnership projects with local organisations like BeLifted, Bread n Butter, Chickenshed Theatre and others who are ready to work with schools around the borough of Barnet. Find out more by emailing Tina at

Resilient Schools Programme

Resilient Schools is now at the end of its pilot phase and the programme is firmly embedded into Barnet’s offer for schools.  As part of the universal offer to all schools, they are now able to provide a way for schools to evidence their achievements and display the Resilient Schools Kitemark.  Schools can also achieve the Healthy Schools London Silver and Gold awards through taking part.

To find out more there are a series of 30 minute Resilient Schools Overview meetings in June and July. For more information and to register your attendance, please click on the link.

Contact the Resilient Programme manager Jayne Abbott ( for further information.

Brain Breaks!

Brain breaks are mental and physical activities to break up a period of concentration. They may be particular useful after spending long periods sitting or using technology. The brain break may be relaxing or energizing, but they are always intended to get the body and mind going and help children focus once they return to normal classroom activities.

This resource from Anna Freud is designed for:

  • children of all ages
  • use with a whole class

Depending of the age of the children, the brain breaks could be used every hour or less for around five minutes. Try to use a variety, and fit them well to the mood and situation. For example, you should choose an active brain break if the previous activity is sedentary, or a maths-related one if you have been studying a different topic.

To download the resource click here

Start Talking Guide

Sex Education Forum together with The Fostering Network have launched their new digital resource to help foster carers navigate relationships and sex education conversations.  
The guide conveys a ‘can do’ message from young people with care experience, and is steeped in practical tips and advice from foster carers.  
This new resource is free to download and will be relevant to foster carers, parents, social workers, virtual school heads, school nurses and educators.

Dealing with Anxiety around Events in the News

Young Minds have put together some tips for talking to young people about the events in Ukraine.

Over the last week or two, many of us will have been watching events in the news with a mixture of shock and horror, especially those of us from - or with friends and family from - the affected areas. Even without a direct personal connection to the conflict, it's natural that seeing all the footage coming out of Ukraine, whether on the news or on social media, may be taking a toll on us. It's important to recognise this, even if we are committed to paying attention, showing solidarity, or seeking to help the victims.

If you're a young person and it's important to you to keep up-to-date, try to limit your news intake to 15 minutes before and after school, while also finding time for self-care. It's a great impulse to want to help those suffering, and this is something you can look into if you're able, but it's also important to look after yourself. If you're a parent or carer, have a look at Young Minds blog on how to talk to your young person about difficult news stories.

Tips for talking to young people about the events in Ukraine

How to Talk To Children About War

Following the recent tragic events in Ukraine (and previous political conflicts) you may be asked by a parent or a child/young person about war.

Safe the Children organisation just updated the information on the website, please take a look and use it when you feel appropriate.

Talking Racism and Mental Health in Schools

The Anna Freud Centre have recently released  a brand-new podcast series – it’s called Talking racism and mental health in schools.

Racism has a detrimental impact on the lives of Black and racially minoritised young people, and when experienced it affects both their mental health and potential to thrive.

The podcast series features experts in mental health, education and anti-racism exploring topics like representation, culture and community, and provides advice and practical steps to support all education staff to create a whole school community which is anti-racist.

Guests on the podcast include former teacher, campaigner, author and speaker the Honourable Stuart Lawrence, and Eve Doran, researcher at Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health (BLAM). The podcast episodes also feature the voices and experiences of teachers.


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