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The Barnet Resilient Schools Programme
The Barnet Resilient Schools Programme

The Barnet Resilient Schools Programme is an innovative free initiative that takes a whole-school approach to promote and build resilience in schools, de-stigmatise mental health, and address mental and emotional wellbeing concerns early on.

Resilience in schools is seen when pupils, parents, carers and staff have a greater ability to “bounce back’’ when faced with difficulties so that they can achieve positive outcomes.

The Resilient Schools Programme uses a sustainable model to deliver a holistic, but efficient, mental health programme in schools. It offers a framework to address strengths, and challenge and aid robust sharing of expertise across networks.

The framework uses Public Health England and Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Coalition whole school approach guiding principles with the addition of a locally developed digital resilience module.

The eight components are an evidence based approach to effectively promote mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience, and to support children either at risk of or experiencing mental ill health.

The programme aims are to:

  • Help staff, parent, carers and pupils to recognise their own mental wellbeing needs and be confident to access information to support themselves and others;
  • De-stigmatise mental health problems in schools;
  • Intervene early to prevent escalation of mental health problems.

For further information on how you can join the programme, please contact

INSET/onsite training request

We can provide bepoke support training onsite 


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