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Dealing with Anxiety around Events in the News
Dealing with Anxiety around Events in the News

Young Minds have put together some tips for talking to young people about the events in Ukraine.

Over the last week or two, many of us will have been watching events in the news with a mixture of shock and horror, especially those of us from - or with friends and family from - the affected areas. Even without a direct personal connection to the conflict, it's natural that seeing all the footage coming out of Ukraine, whether on the news or on social media, may be taking a toll on us. It's important to recognise this, even if we are committed to paying attention, showing solidarity, or seeking to help the victims.

If you're a young person and it's important to you to keep up-to-date, try to limit your news intake to 15 minutes before and after school, while also finding time for self-care. It's a great impulse to want to help those suffering, and this is something you can look into if you're able, but it's also important to look after yourself. If you're a parent or carer, have a look at Young Minds blog on how to talk to your young person about difficult news stories.

Tips for talking to young people about the events in Ukraine

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