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Health Education Partnership have been commissioned to provide free support to early years settings, schools and local organisations with the following programmes.

Change4Life Service
Domestic Abuse Prevention Education
Healthy Early Years London
Healthy Schools London
PSHE and Wellbeing
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We have developed a range of resources to support our work and provide reports for monitoring outputs and outcomes, including: online surveys, provision audits, training and evaluation databases, engagement spreadsheets, online booking systems and a resource bank of guidance and data documents.
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There are further resources available to settings and schools that are part of a relevant local programme. You will need to log-in to access these.

Change4Life Service

Change4Life Westminster

The Change4Life service aims to ensure that children, young people and families across Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster are supported to be healthy and happy in the communities where they live, learn and play. The Change4Life service is here to support expectant parents, children and young people aged 0-19, or 25 for young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), and their families to eat well and keep active.

A wide range of services are available, including:

  • Change4Life Clubs - a range of healthy lifestyle clubs providing six-week programmes for expectant parents, children, young people and families.
  • Change4Life Coaching Scheme - for children and young people who are on or over the 91st percentile for weight.
  • Change4Life Neighbourhood Projects - an opportunity and platform for all members of the community to create a local campaign that seeks to improve the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of children, young people and families,
  • Change4Life Workforce Training - available to staff working with children, young people and families in Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.
  • Change4Life Nutrition and Physical Activity Advice Service - offers free specialist advice and guidance to staff working with children, young people and families in Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster.
  • Change4Life Award Scheme - to support organisations to review their provision and take positive action to promote healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Change4Life Health Promotion Outreach Service - provides free educational workshops for children and families in school and community settings.

Visit the Change4Life Service website for further details.

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WCC-Change4Life Service

Domestic Abuse Prevention in Schools Programme

State funded primary and secondary schools engaging with the Programme will receive guidance and support to:

  • Address Domestic Abuse (DA) and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) preventatively using the whole school approach;
  • Strengthen school safeguarding policy and procedures and embed best practice;
  • Increase teacher confidence to address DA sensitively and safely;
  • Contribute to the improvement of pupils’ mental health and wellbeing;
  • Increase pupils’ skills and abilities to form healthy relationship and seek support when in need;
  • Increase early identification and prevention of DA cases; and
  • Meet the DfE statutory guidance on Relationships and Sex Education, Relationships Education and Health Education, September 2020.

If you work within a local state funded primary and secondary school in Westminster and would like to be added to our contacts list to receive the latest support offers please email Viktorija.

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WCC-Domestic Abuse Prevention in Schools Programme

Healthy Early Years London (HEYL)

Healthy Early Years Bi-Borough

HEYL complements and enhances the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage framework, adding to the focus on children, families and staff health and wellbeing.
The 4 levels of Awards - HEYL First Steps, Bronze, Silver and Gold - can be used to improve and support practice in all Early Years settings:

  • private, voluntary and independent nurseries
  • children’s centres
  • childminders
  • Early Years in schools including schools with two-year old provision nursery schools
  • crèches and playgroup
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WCC-Healthy Early Years London (HEYL)

Healthy Schools London (HSL) Awards

Healthy Schools Bi-Borough

HSL Bronze Award

Schools complete a review to demonstrate they have maintained/achieved the requirements of Healthy Schools Status. There are a number of criteria relating to both the school curriculum and the emotional and physical learning environment that schools need to fulfil in order to achieve Healthy School Status.

HSL Silver and Gold Awards

Once schools have achieved Healthy Schools Status they can move on to the next level which enables them to understand and improve the specific health and wellbeing needs of their pupils.
Schools will identify the main health priorities for their pupils and devise new enhanced projects, practices and interventions to target these priorities. Example health priorities might include healthy eating and food education, increasing physical activity levels and emotional wellbeing and mental health.

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WCC-Healthy Schools London (HSL) Awards

PSHE and Wellbeing

SECONDARY SCHOOL PSHE COORDINATOR: "Thanks Andrew - really useful session - never worked in this borough before and this is by far the best support provision!"

For an individual school this support can include:

  • Reviewing or planning a PSHE and Wellbeing Curriculum
  • Audit to ensure statutory RSHE guidance is followed
  • Signposting to resources for particular areas (e.g. RSE, Drug and Alcohol Education)
  • Guidance around Policy development
  • Providing training for staff

Schools can also access support via:

  • Our PSHE and Wellbeing Framework
  • Our PSHE Coordinators network meetings (Primary and Secondary) held once a term
  • A local CPD Programme
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WCC-PSHE and Wellbeing

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