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Healthy Schools London Awards (latest news)


Health Education Partnership have been commissioned by the Barnet Public Health Team to provide free support to primary and secondary schools to assist them in achieving the Healthy Schools London Awards.

Healthy Schools London is a pan London award scheme sponsored by the Mayor and re-establishes the National Programme that was in place between 1997 and 2011. The awards are for schools to recognise their achievements in supporting the health and wellbeing of their pupils. Once a school has registered with the Healthy Schools London website they can participate and gain recognition at the following levels:

Bronze Award.Schools complete a review to demonstrate they have maintained/achieved the minimum requirements for Healthy Schools in order to achieve the award.

As part of the quality assurance process we have liaised with both schools and partners to evaluate the Bronze Review Tool and have identified some amendments, including policy updates and website compliance for DfE and Ofsted.

Silver and Gold Awards. Once schools have achieved Bronze they can move on to the next level which enables them to understand and improve the specific health and wellbeing needs of their pupils.

Schools will identify the main health priorities for their pupils and devise projects, practices and interventions to target these priorities. Example health priorities might include healthy weight, emotional wellbeing, and oral health.

To achieve the Silver award, a school will need to submit an action plan before implementing their interventions.

To achieve the Gold award, a school will need to implement their action plan and evaluate the success of their interventions in a report.


Within the Health Education Partnership team, Tania Barney and Anna Brennan-Craddock can provide free support to schools to complete applications at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

For more information on the Healthy Schools London Awards or support available please contact:
Tania Barney
Tel: 07816 673731

Please note: The resources below are only for schools that are part of the local programme. Please contact Tania Barney for the password.

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