PSHE education

We can work with all schools to ensure appropriate PSHE professional development opportunities are available for all staff and provide additional support with delivery.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education


The Education and Public Health white papers acknowledge the importance of health promotion, health protection and prevention, and properly recognise for example, the crucial role of sex and relationships education as part of Personal, Social, Health Education.

The future opportunities and challenges facing today’s learners will demand high academic standards but also resilience, good physical amd mental health and an ability to adapt to a service-based economy that relies on enterprise, inter-personal and communication skills. High quality PSHE provision will provide young people with the necessary knowledge, attitudes, skills and understanding to successfully manage their personal development, future wellbeing and prosperity.

We can provide school and/or borough wide support for: policy development, cross curriculur planning, schemes of work and staff training.

We can provide support, training or classroom delivery for: sex and relationships education, drug, alcohol and tobacco education and personal safety.

Example packages of support

View: Audit of PSHE Provision........[60kb]

View: Mentoring for a New PSHE Coordinator......[64kb]

View: Developing a Drug Policy........[64kb]

View: Developing a SRE Policy......[64kb]

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